Lose the Constitution, lose the country

And it will all be Donald Trump’s fault.  He doesn’t care about the Constitution.  I doubt he’s read it.  He’s on an ego trip.  His refusal to apologize to the mother of fallen Capt. Khan is my evidence.  It’s his pride, and it will bring him down, and with him the Constitution and the country.  This society is coming apart at the seams, but there was still a good chance we could turn things around.  And then along came Trump.  And his ego, his passionate self love.  It borders on mental illness.

He’ll be in the history books, for sure.  As the man who gave the country to Hillary Clinton. I expect she will make us look longingly back to Barack Obama.  Trump may be the only man in America who is despised more than she is.  Quite an accomplishment.  The media Hive knew all along she needed a lot of help, and saw in Trump her only hope of victory.  It wasn’t just the ratings he brought.  Watching this ego crazed lounge act of a politician take out sixteen qualified Republican Presidential candidates was fun to watch, and to enable.  They must be feeling pretty proud of themselves right now.  When the Clinton Presidency, and the country, go down in flames, as they will, they can take the credit.   Notch up another win for George Soros.

I can’t blame the Never Trumpers, or at least some of them.  He’s a vile man, unworthy of high office.  Voting for him is endorsing him, somehow, and it makes you feel dirty.  It will be the worst vote I’ve ever made in my life, but I’m going to do it.  Watching this clown sworn into office would be impossible for me.  I’ll read about it.  There’s only one thing worse, and that’s Hillary Clinton heading back to the White House that she and her husband disgraced.  It’s the one and only reason to vote for him, and it’s enough for me.

The Bush Republicans are, in the end, responsible for the Republican Party as it exists today.  They laid the groundwork for Trumpism.  Their disdain for the common man, all the lies they told, all the principles they betrayed.  Kinder, gentler, compassionate conservatism  is just a code for a half assed liberal.  If they think they’re going to be the ones who rebuild the Party they’re idiots.  We’ve had our fill with them.  Regular people, the kind that support Trump, are the majority of the Party.  If it’s to arise from the ashes it will be led be people who understand the appeal of Trump’s message, which is distorted by his warped personality.  It’s not complicated.  It’s America first, foremost and always.  Take the Trump out of Trumpism and you can see the future.

I somehow convinced myself that 2016 was the year we were going to start turning this big ship around.  And it could have been.  Instead we’ve got a crap sandwich.

Hillary is lazy, and stupid, as shown by letting herself get caught up in the email controversy.  It could still bring her down.  Those erased 33,000 emails were sent to somebody.  If you can hack Hillary, you can hack her email correspondents.

When I was ten I was given an oral intelligence test.  They asked me to explain what was meant by a man grasping at straws.  I couldn’t figure it out.  Why in the hell would any body grasp at a straw?  Now I know.




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