Devil with a blue dress on

Since we won’t get Jennifer Flowers at the debate, how about Monica Lewinsky?

Actually, there is one piece of substance that I hope Trump deals with.  It’s important to people like me, at least.  And that’s a pledge to respect the Constitution, and the limits it places on the exercise of power by a President.  Obama’s worst sin as President, in the final analysis, is his blatant disregard for the Constitution.  If Trump points that out, he could not only promise to restore Constitutional government, he can ask Clinton if she intends to do the same.  Or does she endorse, and promise a continuation of, Obama’s lawlessness?

A lot of people are afraid of what Trump might do, as President, in a rash moment.  He needs to reassure these people, a lot of whom are Republicans or conservative independents, that he will not act unilaterally, but in consultation with Congress, and in collaboration with Congress, in accordance with the Constitution.  At the same time he is attacking Clinton for applauding, and in the case of illegal immigrants, promising to double down on, Obama’s disregard for the law.

In the NYT Ross Douthat writes about a spirit of political-cultural rebellion that is brewing in this country.  There’s so much crazy P.C. B.S. going on that people are going to vote for Trump as a form of protest.  I think he’s right, but I live in a bubble.  In my world everything looks like it’s going off the rails.  I read Drudge and Lucianne and RealClearPoltics, and so on, and I see lunacy all around.  But if you watch CBS News, or MSNBC, or NPR, you live in a different bubble, and there’s nothing to rebel against, because things are fairly normal, except for Trump.

But, in reality, a lot of very strange things are happening, all over this country, and I think Douthat has nailed it.  People have had their fill, and don’t just want to say “no”, they want to say “Hell, no!”  Ergo, Trump.

I had a very long talk with an old friend in Alaska who is a very shrewd political operator, and I learned a lot about what’s been going on up there for the last fifteen years.  I haven’t really paid too much attention.  Then back in February, at the last minute, I started a little media campaign for Cruz before the Alaska caucuses, and I started looking in to the political developments up there since Babbie and I left in 2001.

Things are not looking good for the Republican, or conservative cause.  In 2014, for the first time in many years, enough Republican State Senators were elected that they were able to organize without going in to coalition with the Bush Democrats.  That is threatened this year, and if Big Labor gets its way, there will be another coalition running the Senate.  The key race is in my old Senate District in South Anchorage.  The incumbent Republican is Cathy Giessel, who looks like an outstanding person and Senator.  AFL-CIO boss Vince Beltrami is running against her as an Independent, and they’re throwing a lot of money at her in attack radio.  The Alaska Legislature, run by Republicans, did not distinguish itself last session, and the liberal media is on a jihad against them.  As an incumbent she may be vulnerable in a throw the bums out year.  I’m calling her tomorrow with an offer to help.  I’ve been thinking about what I could do, and I’ve already come up with something that might work.  Since it involves RP co-founder Brendan, I’m excited about it, and ready to get started.

I had a good talk with my old buddy Robin Taylor of Wrangell, and I’ve found a way to get him involved as well.  There’s a lot of work that needs to be done in Alaska, political work, the kind of thing I’m experienced in.  Since I know many of the people involved personally, it’s more fun.

When Babbie and I left Alaska I did it with a sour taste in my mouth.  I had failed at what I had tried to do.  I wasn’t interested in Alaska politics any more, because I was bitter.  But you can only stay pissed off for so long, and then you’ve got to get over it.

Sort if like Ted Cruz.


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