The humiliation of the elites

Nobody likes to look like a fool.  I repeatedly told my wife, with complete confidence, based on a lifetime of studying and practicing politics, that Trump could not possibly win the Republican nomination.  I am regularly reminded of these assurances.  I’ve got a lot of company.  I’ve come to terms with my comeuppance.  The ruling class hasn’t.

Right before the election NYT economic guru Paul Krugman gave everyone a stock tip.  Trump was going to destroy the market, and it would be, like, forever, before it came back.  Like a lot of people in the market, I’m up 20% since the election.  I wonder how Krugman’s portfolio is doing.  My God, he’s a Nobel Prize winning economist.  This is embarrassing.  He’s been humiliated, and it’s got to piss him off.

The whole ruling elite has been made fools of.  How many pony tailed poli sci profs told their students what I told Babbie about this election?   With utter and absolute confidence.  How many fancy cocktail parties in the liberal enclaves featured loud and confident predictions of Trump’s demise?   How many jokes were cracked about how sweet it was going to be to see Trump crushed, in a landslide, no less.

To make things even worse, the Orange Dynamo has not changed his ways since the election.  He’s as outrageous as President as he was before.  He says and does things that are outside accustomed political mores.  And he’s getting away with it!  This cannot be.  This cannot stand.

All of which results in Trump Derangement Symptom, a far more lethal strain than its predecessors.  But anger is not a strategy, and the longer the left wallows in impotent rage, the better for Trump team.

We passed out of Wyoming Senate Rules today, 4-0.  A floor vote next week.  #29.  Every one is bigger than the one before.  There has got to be a magical political number, like the real Article V magic number of 34.  It’s when people take you seriously.  I guess it’s #32, or three more.  If we succeed in Arizona, Idaho and Wisconsin, which all look very, very good, we’ll hit #32, with Kentucky, South Carolina, Minnesota, Virginia and Montana still available, to one degree or another.  They’re all controlled by conservative Republicans, who all agree that the debt has the potential to sink this country.

They just don’t understand Article V. It’s like an alien concept.  They can’t figure out how something so fundamental to the federal Constitutional system can be so, well, obscure.  How come they’ve never heard of it before?  Why hasn’t it ever been used, if it’s so safe?

Most of these people can be educated.   But then there’s the Birchers, and you can’t reason with these people.  It’s like they’re in a cult.  And the Koch brothers are the leaders of this cult.   Their father, Fred, was an original Board member of the John Birch Society, and Article V scared him.  At this time, in the mid-50’s, the Republican Party was at a low ebb, other than the White House, and the Birchers even thought Eisenhower was a Communist dupe.   Traditional American conservatives, like Fred Trump, were very afraid we were going to lose it all, that the Constitution was going to be destroyed.  In their extremely weak political position, with the Democrats and liberals having an electoral lock, it made sense to oppose the use of Article V.  I would have opposed its use in the 50’s myself, because if it was going to be used, it would be used by the left.

But times have changed, and we’re in the dominant political position, and conservative opposition to Article V is lunacy.  Some one needs to explain this to the Koch brothers. Maybe Sen. Mike Lee could do it.


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