The Chicano, Hispanic, Latino, Mexican-American and Californio vote.

There is great diversity within the community of Americans who descended from Spanish ancestry, just as there is diversity among Americans of any ethnic background  — even more so.  It’s not uncommon to know Mexican-Americans in California who think of themselves, and are thought of, as part of the Anglo minority.  At the other extreme are recent illegal immigrants, who speak no English and identify completely with their country of origin.

The Spanish were the first to settle North America, and extended into northern New Mexico with the founding of Santa Fe in 1607.  If you want to get technical about it, they were here first, and their descendants are as “American” as any Pilgrim.  To lump them into a group of recent arrivals, many illegal, is mixing apples and oranges.

45% of New Mexico is Hispanic, and many of these people have been there a very long time.  Among them is Democratic State Senator Richard Martinez, Chair of Judiciary, where the the Resolution rescinding the BBA application rests.   Our woman in New Mexico, Rep. Yvette Herrell, was to meet with him today.  From afar, it looks as though our fate is in his hands.

Senator Martinez is not a George Soros Democrat, that much is clear.  He’s got a 30% rating from the American Conservative Union, 50% from NFIB, 64% from the NRA, and 100% from the New Mexico Prosperity Project.   This latter is affiliated with BIPAC, and is dedicated to “free market prosperity”.  It would seem to me that Yvette will have a lot to say to Senator Martinez, and he would appear to be a receptive audience.

I have a good feeling about Senator Martinez.  The people in his district call him “el jefe”, and former Gov. Bill Richardson titled him “El Tigre del Norte”. He’s a retired judicial magistrate, and a man who has likely seen it all.  He was born in the little town of Guachupangue, in the northern, mountainous part of New Mexico.  I think Sen. Martinez understands how the world works, and that a Congress that can’t control its spending is a threat to every State in the Union, including New Mexico.

CoSP passed the Arizona Senate, 16-14, giving them their ninth State.  Sen. Judy Burges was the only Republican “no”.  She’s opposed to term limits.  That’s why you don’t want a multiple subject Amendment.  Senator Burges likes the BBA, so when we hit the floor in a few days we should pass 17-13.

The Convention of States planned for Nashville on 7-11-17 has been delayed until September, and its location is not yet quite certain.  Bill Fruth and the rest of us now have more time to make sure this thing is done right.  This is the first one in 156 years.  We can’t blow it.  This is my last trip on the merry go round, and this Convention will finally but Article V on the map.  We’ve got six months to get ready, and a lot of willing hands.  This is going to be fun.


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