That’s why they’re called “entitlements.”

Republicans were counting on $1 trillion in savings from Obamacare Repeal and Replace, and that money would help pay for massive tax cuts.  I expect them to pass the tax reductions anyway.  It may balloon the national debt, but whoever lost an election because of deficit spending?   To get the economic boom he’s counting on Trump needs a big tax package, and we shouldn’t expect the self styled King of Debt to be bashful about it.  His OMB Director recently stated he could see a balanced budget ten years from now.  With the defeat of Obamacare R & R it may be 15, or 20, or never.  We really going to need a Balanced Budget Amendment more than ever.  Does anyone really believe you can get 67 Senators and 290 Representatives to vote for one?   Please.  It will only happen coming from the States, using Article V.

Speaking of which, congratulations to the Convention of States Project on their 10th State, North Dakota.  If you’re looking to start a conservative Article V campaign, Bismarck is the place to go.  The Birchers never made it to North Dakota, and all the Republican legislators are quite comfortable exercising the power conferred on them by Article V.

The BBA Task Force should be back at 29 BBA Resolutions on Monday, when the Arizona Senate is scheduled to take up our bill.   We should be live in Minnesota within a month, though that State still needs some serious work.  State Senator Chris Kapenga is poised to make his move in Wisconsin soon, and Loren Enns is in South Carolina working with a team of lobbyists hired by Lew Uhler and Dave and Suzie Biddulph.

Loren has developed into an accomplished political lobbyist, able to succeed in State Capitols across the country.  His expertise on all things Article V will be critical in getting us to 34.  Once we’ve done that, and had an Amendment Convention, I think the entire Article V world will start to proliferate, as people with money, like the Kochs, realize its possibilities.  Anyone wanting to start an Article V campaign would be well advised to give Loren a call.

We’ll find out on Tuesday if the 9-12-17 Nashville BBA Planning Convention is a go.  All signs are positive, and Arizona is poised to fill in if there’s a problem.  Dave Guldenschuh expects to be named a delegate from Georgia, and is campaigning to be named Secretary of the Convention.  He’d be perfect, and will have a lot of support.

I may try to be appointed Parliamentarian, but even if I don’t I will have one request of the host committee.  I’ve been telling my thirteen year old granddaughter about this Article V campaign for over three years.  I’m not sure if she really believes what I’ve been telling her.   So I want her to be an official page on the floor of the Convention.  At this sort of a meeting, pages actually perform a number of useful services, and my granddaughter is completely capable of doing all of them.  She will be chaperoned by Babbie, her grandmother.

She’d miss a week of 8th grade, but she’s bright enough to catch up.  This is a chance for her to see history made before her eyes, and I don’t want her to miss it.  And I’d love to show her off.


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