Trump makes Comey sick

When Trump saw Comey say he was nauseous at the thought he may have influenced the election, it was over.  Trump took that as a personal insult, and you don’t dis the Donald.  It was an easy call.

Someone in the Trump camp is responsible for the appointment of Rosenstein as Deputy Attorney General.  That’s the person he needs to listen to.  With him on the job, the firing of Comey went smoothly.  His memo to Trump on the subject was brilliant, but also quite simple.

Comey is a cop, not a D.A.  He investigates, and reports, and that’s it.  Going public, as he did, is totally out of bounds.  He did it out of personal rectitude.

As an experienced law force professional, Comey knew Bill Clinton was a criminal.  He was horrified by Clinton’s meeting with Lynch, and he couldn’t let that stand.  But he was out of bounds.

Rod Rosenstein is  a career public servant.  He’s a brilliant lawyer (editor of Harvard Law Review, etc.) who has never worked in the private sector.  His wife is also a public servant, as a lawyer for the National Health Institute.  With his legal pedigree, he could have made a lot of money practicing law.  But he chose public service instead.

He’ll decide where the Russia/Trump story goes.  Trump knows he didn’t do anything wrong, or he never would have appointed Rosenstein.  Rod Rosenstein, because of who he is, has the stature to give Trump a clean bill of health, over Russia or anything else.  If the appointment of a special prosecutor was warranted, he’d appoint one.

But he won’t, because there’s nothing there.  The whole Russia thing is a Resistance fantasy, right up there with equating Comey’s dismissal with Watergate.  Hysteria, pure and simple.  It can’t last long.

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