Making a ham sandwich out of Donald Trump

The civil war that’s consuming this country isn’t between conservatives and progressives.  It’s not between political parties, or sections of the country.   It isn’t between an elite and the common man.   It’s a divide between the government and the people.

Some call it the deep state, but that’s misleading.  It’s the state, period.  Currently the state is represented by Robert Mueller, and the improbable representative of the people is the duly elected President of the United States.  Trump has the authority to fire Mueller, and he’s a fool if he doesn’t use it.

A previous incarnation of Mueller was Special Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh, appointed in 1986 to investigate Iran-Contra.  Walsh took it upon himself to destroy the Reagan and first Bush administrations.   In June of 1992 he brought an indictment of two counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice against Secretary of Defense Cap Weinberger.   And then, a week before the 1992 election, he re-indicted Weinberger on one count of false statements.

Whatever momentum Bush 1 had going into the final week of the campaign was lost, and with it the election.  Lawrence Walsh never successfully prosecuted anyone for a crime.  The convictions he obtained against Poindexter and North were reversed, and Weinberger was pardoned by Bush 1.  But politically, he was very successful indeed.

The United States Department of Justice could, if it chose to do so, indict a ham sandwich.  That’s not an exaggeration or hyperbole.  It’s the truth, literally.  Giving that same power to a Special Prosecutor, with a charge to investigate the President, is an invitation for a prosecutorial coup d’etat.  And that’s what we’re going to get from Robert Mueller.

Sessions has to go first.  A better man would have ignored the calls for a special prosecutor.  A smarter man would have realized the danger to the President from one.  Rudy Guliani is a better and smarter man than Jeff Sessions, by a long shot.

Giuliani is also something of a libertarian, another great improvement over Sessions.  As Attorney General, Sessions has already shown that he is no friend of civil liberties  He’s all in on the government seizing private property under the police power.  And he’s too old and uninformed to realize that prosecuting anyone for violating the ridiculous federal marijuana law is against all common sense, and contrary to what Trump promised in his campaign.

All the state’s horses, and all the state’s men will be unleashed against Trump when he does this.  It’s a war, the state against the people.  Like him or not, Trump is standing for the people.

He can’t do this alone.  When I say the “state” against the people, I’m referring to only the federal government as the “state”.  The fifty States of this country are also enemies of the federal state.   Collectively, as set forth in Article V of the Constitution, they have the power to control and reform the federal government .

If they do not exercise this power, the despotism of the federal government will simply continue to expand.  This all seems pretty clear to me.  What will be interesting is the attitude of the Commissioners at the Phoenix Convention of States.

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