Tweety’s tool kit

Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” says that we’re all born with different tool kits.  We’re not all endowed the same.  It’s not that some people are better than the rest of us.  They just have a different tool kit.

Trump, like every person I’ve ever known, has his strengths and weaknesses.  One trait he seems to lack is empathy.  I understand, because I’m the same way.  If people are in trouble it’s their own damn fault.  We’re all responsible for the way we live our lives.  Nobody else.  During my two years on the Alaska Board of Parole, I made it my business to see that no sexual offender was given early release.  No exceptions.  No excuses.

It’s not an especially attractive quality, but it is what it is, and I’m not going to change.  We shouldn’t expect Tweety to either.

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