Yes, Virginia

The Virginia legislature is now Republican, and again is a target.  Actually, it’s always been a target.  If, as I believe, we don’t get to 34 in 2015, there will be a legislative election in Virginia in November of 2015.  If we’re on our game, we can inject Article V into that election, and when the newly elected Virginia Assembly meets in January 2016 we’ll be ready to roll.

To me, this is a big deal.  If, in fact, Maryland rescinds, and there is also a problem with one of the other states we’re counting on, then we’re back to 22.  I’m counting on Wisconsin, South Carolina, Kentucky, Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota in 2015, getting us to 28, under the worst case scenario.  Now, in addition to Arizona, Oklahoma, Utah, South Dakota, and Idaho, we have Virginia as a prime target. 

Because the West  Virginia Senate will be controlled by Democrats, it’s a long shot.  They will be in the majority, but there’s always a chance some may defect to a coalition, or (more unlikely) provide the winning votes on the floor.  Delegate John Overington has been working on Article V for about 20 years, and tells us we shouldn’t give up on West Virginia.

I spoke by phone with Washington State Senator Pam Roach a week ago.  She’s been in the Senate 24 years, but assured me she really wasn’t that old.  She’s in a ruling coalition with a couple Democrats, and thinks the Washington State House is probably not going to flip Republican this year.  If, as I hope, she’s being too pessimistic, Washington could become a target.

I’ve had good communication with Steve Elzinga, Oregon Senate Minority Leader Ted Ferrioli’s Chief of Staff.  He’s been cautiously optimistic about the Oregon legislature flipping Republican.  Now that they’ve got a female pediatric neurosurgeon named Wehby running for their U. S. Senate seat, the whole Republican Party should be jacked up.  Oregon could become a target.

Rep. Roger Jacobsen of Maine and I have been in touch a few times.  He’s optimistic.  The Maine legislature went Republican in 2010, and could easily do so again.  Another target.

I like target rich environments.


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