I’m feelin’ all right

I sent out a proposal today on my Paula Jones project.  We shall see.

I’m still trying to figure out how the Democrats think they’re going to win this election.

You see, people don’t like Hillary.  They don’t trust her, but nobody trusted Bill either.  But they liked Bill.  They don’t like Hillary.  And people really don’t like voting for someone they just don’t like, as a person.  It very seldom happens.  You can make the argument that the most likable candidate has won every Presidential election since TV came of age, with the exception of Nixon.

Now compare, in terms of personal likability, Hillary and Marco.  Think of them on a debate stage together.  My God.  You’d feel sorry for her if she wasn’t such a bitch.

The politics, and the candidate, of the past, vs. the politics and candidate of the future.

A naturally, and eloquently, passionate man, against the worst natural politician to win a nomination —  ever.

In a time of enormous distrust and even anger at the government, the party of government, the Democrats, can only call for even more government.  The Republicans want to rein the government in.

A decline of the living standard of the middle class.  This is the killer.  The Republicans offer a way out, and up.  They have an actual economic program.  The Democrats don’t.  They’ve been in eight years.  What have they done?  What more could they do?  They’re out of ideas, and can put nothing on offer.

Law and order is the issue you hope doesn’t come up.  But if we get rioting somewhere it hurts the Democrats.

But there’s always demographics.  My ass.  That’s long haul stuff, I’m talking about next year.  Working class whites in the Midwest can win this election for the Republicans.  And do you know who these guys really don’t like?  Hillary.  They can’t stand her.  She’s a Goddamn gun grabber, for Pete’s sake.  They’ll turn out just to vote against her.

So I’m feeling pretty good, myself.

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