He’s a 60 minute man

This one was completely predictable.  Say whatever you want about Donald Trump.  You can burn his house, steal his car.  You can drink his liquor from an old fruit jar, but don’t you  —  step on his blue suede shoes.

All he needed was the right opening.  A true public relations genius, his timing is always impeccable.  Hillary calls him a sexist, and he pounces.  B. J. Clinton is now a legitimate target, and the Donald has fired the first salvo of, I hope to God, many  more.

There are Democrats and other half wits who think this could backfire, and help Hillary.  Her approval rating was in the 60’s at the height of Monicagate, don’t you know?  Women will once again sympathize with her as a fellow victim of just another no G– Damn good man.  Every woman knows one.

So, so wrong.  There are vast swathes of voters who have only a vague recollection of Monica Lewinsky.  Millions of women have never heard Paula Jones tell her story, and the $850,000 B.J. paid her to settle her sexual harassment claim.  No one knows who Juanita Broderick is.

This is the beauty of a political campaign, and a political showman like Trump.  He can force the light of day on to subjects the media doesn’t want to cover.  He did it with immigration.  He did it with the Syrian refugees.  And he’s doing it with B.J.’s escapades, and Hillary’s cover up.

Once yet again, the Donald does a great service to the Republican Party.  He deserves a prime time speaking slot at the convention.  If he’s willing to bow out gracefully in the end, he will go down as a Great American, one who stepped up.  If Trump campaigns for our candidate in the fall, the tide will reach some sort of crescendo.  He will have helped make America great again.

As a matter of pure speculation, I can see a reverse replay from the 2012 nomination fight.  Cruz is in Romney’s spot, the man to beat.  But a man a whole lot of people don’t want.  In 2012 Romney was too moderate.  In 2016 Cruz is too conservative.  Conservatives made four runs at Romney, with four different candidates.  In 2016 the moderates could make four runs at Cruz, with four different candidates.  Who knows?

On another happy note, Rep. Jim Gooch, a Democrat from Providence, Kentucky, has switched parties.  Gooch is a ten year veteran, and was part of the leadership, a committee chair.  Speaker Stumbo is down to 50.  Seven weeks ago he had 54.  Do you think maybe Gov. Bevin has something to do with this?  From far away it looks as though a dam is about to break.

That’s what happens when the tide is running strong.

I was thinking more about guilt, and how it explains a lot.  Like the Bushes.  All born on third base  — and they know they’re not triple hitters.  So they feel guilty about it.  Guilt is like a disease, a sickness.  It makes men weak.

John Wayne’s biographer says the Duke’s old man gave him a few words to live by  —  Don’t lie, don’t quit, and don’t apologize.

That’s what you want in a leader.

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