A heroine for our time

Her name is Stephanie Cegielski, and you’re going to hear a lot more about her.  I know virtually nothing myself. But if what she writes is true, and it rings very true indeed, she’ll be on the Megyn Kelly show very soon.  And she’ll nail Donald Trump’s hide to the wall.  He’s going to lose Wisconsin, it’s just a question of how bad it’s going to be.

His last national talk show host, Michael Savage  — a complete nut  — abandoned him today, unless something changed in the last couple hours.  And now Stephanie, who saw everything unfold in the Trump campaign up close and personal.  She knows this guy, and she’s spilling the beans.  She’ll bury him.  John Fund has a link to her blog at NROnline.  My computer refuses to do links any more.

A few days ago I asked my Alaska readers to email me at fritzpettyjohn@gmail.com if they had an idea of who should run against Murkowski. (By the way, our opponent’s name is Murkowski, not Lisa.)   I didn’t get a big response, but the few that did come in were no surprise.  It confirmed my own thinking.  I have a candidate, a strategy, and a deadline — June 1st, 63 days away.

The next move is the formation of a Draft Committee.  I’ll need some start up  money.  There’s a way for people to donate to the Reagan Project on this website.  Now I have a specific cause to ask money for.  This will be temporary.  As soon as we’ve raised a little money, we’ll have a traditional website, with any number of ways to donate or volunteer.

I think a big win for Cruz in Wisconsin, on April 5th, will virtually seal the deal.  At that point I can take full advantage of my contacts with the Cruz people, in order to assist me in my Draft effort.  I will ask for a lot, and I’ll be at my most persuasive.  If you are serious, and have a suggestion, email me at the address above.

My Next Big Project, is what I’m personally calling it.

Right now, here in the California  Foothills, it’s the prettiest time of the year.  I think that’s appropriate, somehow.


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