I’m the Man, says Manafort

Because he knows the rules.  That’s why Paul Manafort can state with absolute assurance that the Moron will get to 1237.  This guy apparently really knows the rules!   I’m impressed.

Well, Paul, since you know the rules so well, how come Trump got shut out in CO-7 last night, failing to even offer a qualified delegate list to be voted on.  Three more solid Cruz delegates, zerozipnada for the Moron.  CO-7 is West Denver, an area that should be Trump’s best in the state.  This means that  Cruz will get 37 out of 37 in Colorado this weekend.   What happened, Paul, did they change the rules on you?

The rules of the Republican Party and all sub units of the party are not written in Swahili.  They’re in plain English, and if you’re a reasonably intelligent person, particularly if you’re a lawyer, they’re not that hard to understand.  Paul Manafort doesn’t know anything more about the Rules than I do, or if he does I can look it up and educate myself in a New York minute.  The important point is that guys like Manafort are a dime a dozen, and Trump didn’t avail himself of this fundamental knowledge until just now.  And you wonder why I call him the Moron?

Manafort looks like a hustler to me.  Kind of a con man.  He’s in it for the money and the notoriety.  He’ll keep this hustle going as long as he can, milking as much money from the gullible Donald as he can get.  Hell, he may be able to con Trump into paying him all the way to the Convention.  The gig of a lifetime!

Kasich is an interesting guy.  I think I know where he’s coming from.  If something happens to either Trump or Cruz, mortally wounding them, he’ll be one of the last two standing.  It used to be seventeen.  Fourteen are gone.  He’s still standing, and if lightning strikes, he’ll be available.  What’s he got to lose?  He’s not spending his own money.  Whoever is paying his bills might be getting tired of it, but maybe not.  By winning Ohio he kept Trump from getting to 1237, so he’s got every much of a right to compete as anyone.

In some states he’ll hurt Cruz, in others he’ll hurt Trump.  Nobody’s getting close to 1237, so what does he care who he helps, or hurts?  That’s not his concern.  He wants more delegates, the more the better.  Anything can happen, and has.

On the Alaska front, I’m going to try to have a poll conducted, of potential challengers to Murkowski in the Republican Primary.  There are four potential conservative candidates:  Sen. Mike Dunleavy of the Mat-Su, Original Dan Sullivan, David Cuddy, and Joe Miller.  One of them needs to file against her.  Who polls best against her, I have no idea.  I know who I think is most electable, and second most.  But that’s different.  I want a reputable national pollster to do it.  Now I have to figure out how to pay for it.

The Alaska Legislature is due to adjourn on the 17th.  That means some of the Republican state legislators will probably be at the State Convention.  John Coghill will be there for sure.  Of the guys I served with, only Lyman Hoffman, Democrat of Bethel is still serving.  I left in 1990.  For the last 26 years Lyman has kept plugging away, working for the people of his district, the Yupiks.  Lyman and I were bitter political enemies.  But we did enjoy a game of cribbage with each other every once in a while.  I stopped in to see him when I was in Juneau last year.  I’ll run into him one of these days.

It’s raining, but not too hard.  A wet spring would be nice.

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