Damage control

There are hints that the Republican donor class is showing unusual good sense.  Trump doesn’t need money.  He says he’s worth $10 billion, let him spend some of it.  The money needs to go to keep the House and the Senate, and, if they’re really smart, the state legislatures.

I read a while back that either Soros-funded Democracy Alliance or one of its offshoots is going to spend a lot of money helping Democrats win state legislatures.  That effort needs to be countered, and will be.  There’s no reason on earth we couldn’t keep what we’ve got, and pick up Kentucky as well.

It feels as though the hundred year political tide we’ve been riding has been hit by a hurricane, or a seismic shift.  I don’t think anyone knows how this all turns out, but I believe when it blows over we’ll  be worse off than we were before.  My only concern is an anti-Trump landslide that costs us down ballot.  The closer the Republicans embrace Trump, the more they’ll be stuck to him if he goes down.  Risky business, with an unpredictable man.

We haven’t got much of the Constitution left and both Trump and Clinton would do further damage.  Article V is the only way out.

And 2020 can’t come soon enough.

We’re sending two combat battalions with a thousand men each to Poland.  They’re hostages, acting as a trip wire.  Any engagement they take part in will have the full backing of the United States military.  Why us, you ask?  Why are we defending Poland, and not the Germans and French?  Because we’re trapped in the 20th century, and the post World War II settlement, and the Cold War.  All relics that we worship for some reason.  But the American people will not send their sons and daughters to fight for Poland, and we don’t expect the Poles to come to our assistance if we’re attacked.  NATO has been dead a long time.  Trump just pointed out the obvious.

I’m from the Vietnam generation, but was 4-F with a pin in my ankle.  Before I broke it, I planned on joining the Marines and going to Officer’s School.  When I met my Uncle Fritz I asked him if hadn’t done my duty, and he said, “No, it was a bad war.”  There are no good wars.  And if nothing else comes out of 2016, if we can all recognize that NATO is kaput, we’ll have accomplished something.

I believe there is a strong, bipartisan, anti-war consensus in this country, and I’m glad of it.

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