Yes, Virginia, there is an Article V

We’re not done with the Clintons yet.  We shouldn’t prosecute them, though.  It sets a terrible precedent.  Nixon committed crimes, but was pardoned.  It was the right thing to do, for the country.  Half the people in this country violate federal law.  I do it all the time, because federal law is a joke.  If a ham sandwich can get indicted, so could every former President.  Let this crime family twist in the wind.

But we do want to destroy their political machine, and Ed Gillespie is the man to get it started.  He’s running for Governor of Virginia in 2017, to replace the snake Terry McAuliffe, one of greatest Clinton suck ups in the country.  Virginia is alone among the States in not allowing a Governor to have a second term, so McAuliffe is ineligible.  But he’ll have a surrogate for the Democratic nomination, almost certainly his Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, who has declared his candidacy.  All the other big name D’s (Kaine, Warner, Herring) have declined, so the nomination is probably Northam’s.

Northman is a moderate Democrat, and will be a formidable candidate.  He’s a pediatrician, so women like him.  He’s been elected to the State Senate twice, and is a VMI graduate.  In 2013 he won by eleven, 55%-44%, while McAuliffe won by two, 47%-45%

By election day, in November of 2017, a Convention of States will have been held, and if Project 2017 ( a joint effort of the National Tax Limitation Committee and Bill Fruth’s Balanced Budget Amendment Inc.) has succeeded, 34 States will have passed BBA Resolutions.  Congress will set a time and place for the Amendment Convention.  I’m hoping the Convention of States recommends Richmond as the place, and late November or early December the time.

The beautiful Capitol at Richmond is absolutely the perfect place.  It was designed by Jefferson, and has recently been completely refurbished and modernized.  In the Rotunda is displayed Houdon’s bust of Washington, an American treasure.  The Virginia Legislature commissioned Houdon, who was the most renowned sculptor in Europe.  He sailed to the United States, and Washington sat, patiently, while Houdon modeled him.  It’s the greatest work of art to come from the Founding Era.  I think it’s the greatest work of art ever produced in America.

If Virginia is not to be the place for the first Amendment Convention in our history, what State is?  Virginians created the Constitution.  It was their idea, and they largely wrote it.  Madison is the Father of the Constitution, and Mason is the Father of the Bill of Rights.  Washington presided at the Convention, and the Presidency was designed with him in mind.  It was Virginians, especially Madison and Mason, who insisted that Article V be included.

So if we convince the Delegates at the Convention of States to recommend Richmond, then Richmond it shall be.  The chair of House Judiciary is Bob Goodlatte, a Virginian and a friend of Lew Uhler’s.  It will be Richmond.

Now all Project 2017 has to do is explain all this to the sitting State Senators of Virginia.  So far, despite the entreaties of Virginia Speaker Bill Howell, they have ignored us.  But Ed Gillespie is a very bright guy, and a smart politician.  I’m sure Lew knows him.  He is the unopposed candidate in the Republican gubernatorial primary, and I’m sure some of these high and mighty State Senators will hear him out.   The only question is, are they smart enough to understand what he’s talking about?


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