Let’s segregate California from the rest of the country

California wants to secede, ballot language has been approved by the Secretary of State, and I intend to sign the petition.  Secession, of course, will never happen, but there are some interesting possibilities that should be explored.

I live in, but am not of, California.  I’m in eastern California, in the foothills of the Sierra, just 60 miles from Nevada.  Culturally, this is the western border of the Far West.  To my west, toward San Francisco, is a different world, and different people.  I grew up and went to school there, but as soon as I went to Alaska I knew I didn’t belong there.  I had to go back for a law degree, but a week after I got it I was on a plane back to Anchorage, and I never looked back.

I want to continue to be an American, and the land I live on to be American.  Therefor I propose a compromise.  Every county in California, all 58, would to have a referendum on separation, or segregation, from the United States.  If a county votes against secession, it remains part of the United States, a new State, the State of Jefferson.

There’s a move afoot to create a new 51st State of Jefferson from the northern and eastern parts of the California.  Here’s the link    The problem is, they need the approval of the California Legislature.  But the Legislature won’t do it, unless they’re forced to.  Congress can grant California some sort of segregation, or separation.  Not full sovereignty of course.  We need California for our national defense.  But they could be like Puerto Rico, or Guam, or the American Virgin Islands, or something. But the counties that voted to stay in full statehood would form a new 50th State, the State of Jefferson, with two United States Senators, and the proper number of House members.  It would be up to the California Legislature to decide.

This would be a boon to the Republican Party.  It would be like taking 40 or so deep blue electoral votes, and amputating them from the body politic.  All of a sudden the electoral college is a lot more Republican.

As I’ve mentioned before, our rival organization, the CoS, is on its last legs.  They were all excited about getting out of the Wyoming House Judiciary Committee last week.  It was a big triumph for them.  And then they got crushed on the floor vote.  This is the same House that passed our bill two weeks ago, 37-23.  And they were up for a vote in the Arkansas Senate and got whipped again.  The sooner they fold their tent, the better.  At this point they’re just a nuisance.

For people that live in the part of the country that I do, Trump is on a roll.  The fact that he’s flying to Dover to honor a fallen Navy Seal is very significant.  It’s absolutely brilliant.  This has Bannon written all over it.   This guy looks like he knows what he’s doing.  They’re riding a political tide, but they’re riding it well.

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