Perfect Beings don’t belong in politics

In college we spoke Big Al talk, and one of the terms we used was PB, for perfect being. On the Cal campus, PB’s were most commonly seen on fraternity row.  A PB is perfect in every way.  When a PB would come out of his fraternity house, he’d look all around, to see if anyone was looking at him, admiring his perfection.

The Bush and Romney families were PB’s, and Romney lost the presidential election of 2012 because he was a PB.  Blue collar whites despise PB’s, and refuse to vote for them.  These guys wouldn’t vote for Obama, but they also would not vote for Romney.  If they had turned up at the polls six years ago, Romney would have squeaked out a victory, the same way Trump did in 2016.

In 2014 or so I was an avid follower of Nate Silver’s website,  The data provided there showed the path to victory for a Republican.  Get blue collar whites to vote for you, and you can win.  Trump saw the same thing.  The man knows polls.

The Great Republican Presidential Field of 2016 had a few PB’s in it, including, of course, Jeb!  Trump beat all these people because there isn’t an ounce of PB in him.  He’s a flawed man, and those white working guys could identify with him.

Ronald Reagan was not a PB because he was a genuinely humble man.  Trump’s not a PB for entirely different reasons.

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