Trump treats blacks with respect

For understandable reasons, American blacks are sensitive to being treated with disrespect.  When I was a young man in the northern California I had quite a bit of personal interaction with all kinds of black people.  In college I even got a couple buddies to go with me deep into the Oakland ghetto to go bar hopping.  Just to see how ordinary black people lived.  A white cop told us to get the hell out of there, after we’d been in one bar.  The bar patrons hadn’t been very friendly, so we took his advice.

But in all the time I lived in interracial California, up to 1974, I never had any kind of problem with black people.  I get along with them just fine.  To this day, at Oakland A games.  I treat them exactly the way I treat everybody else.   With respect, and I think they see that.  That’s the kind of thing blacks pay attention to.

Growing up in New York City, Trump has had a certain amount of exposure to blacks.  He seems to have the typical New York business man’s cosmopolitan view of race  —  tolerance.  New Yorkers are too busy making money to worry about things like race. Racism isn’t good for the bottom line.

Trump wants black votes. and I think he’s going to get them.  From working class black guys, especially those with families.  Trump’s not going to cater to them.  He wants to give them the opportunity to get jobs, good paying jobs.  If a black man wants to work, Trump is his man.

He knows he’s being treated with respect.


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