Stand up for your country

Among the great powers of world history, only two have had no natural enemies, and thus no incentive for war of any kind.  No threats from without, and thus no reason to wage preemptive war.  Two accidents of geography, two great empires, two dynasties of peace.

Egypt was the first.  Its borders are unique in the history of civilization.  Its western side is protected by 600 miles of desert.  To the east is the Sinai Peninsula.  The 300 miles from the Nile delta, across the Sinai, east into the Jordan River valley have been a formidable barrier since ancient times.  If you come from the north, down the Nile, you’ll travel 900 miles from the first area with a climate capable of supporting a population.  And you’ll go through impassable cataracts along the way.

Invading Egypt was really, really hard.  And for Egypt to invade a neighbor, it had to caravan across hundreds on miles of wasteland, or ascend hundreds of miles of river.  It didn’t make sense, especially because Egypt had all the wealth it needed.

Its wealth was made possible by the bounty of the Nile Valley, which has produced the most consistent food surpluses in all of world history.  And it has created  the world’s densest population for all of history, anywhere in the world, at any time.

The river doesn’t just bring soil, and water, it also unites the entire valley with a cheap means of mass transportation.  Egypt was destined not only to be wealthy, and peaceful, but to be one united country.  It’s golden age lasted 2.800 years.

The United States is the second great, natural, world historical dynasty.  Like the Egyptians before us, we have no natural enemies, and no other great power threatens us.  We have everything we need, all the wealth we need, within North America.  The greater Midwest is the largest contiguous area of high quality farmland in the world.  We have recently discovered that we are not only energy self-sufficient, but energy dominant.  When the Alaska’s Ambler mining district is developed (soon), we’ll have all the rare earth minerals we need.  Our 17,600 miles of internal waterways exceed those of the rest of the world, combined.

Our neighbors, north and south, are allies and economic dependents.  Our geographic borders are the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Arctic, and the jungle wastes of Central America.  Our navy rules the waves, and our air force rules the skies.  We have nothing to fear, and no need to fight anyone, for anything.

But our internal geography is a stark contrast to Egypt.  The huge disciplined work force needed to tame the Nile, and work the land, guaranteed slave labor.  And the great mass of Egyptians have been virtual slaves throughout history.

The best part of North America, which we inhabit, couldn’t be more different.  It’s naturally suited to individual enterprise, and the family farm.  And that farming tradition of hard work and self-reliance is the foundation of our American culture, and our political freedom.

How long will our dynasty last?  As long as we want.  Or you can put it another way.  We’ll last as long as we can defend ourselves from enemies within.  It’s a country worth fighting for.  Everything it stands for is under attack. Will we defend our heritage?

What are people afraid of?  Why are there so many cowards among us?  Why are so few of us willing to take a stand?

“How can I endure to see the evil that will come to my people?  How can I endure to see the destruction of my countrymen?” Esther 8:6.


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