They’ve got the $, but we’ve heard they have some misguided naifs who fear a runaway.  DC attorney Mike Stern and others made a run at them, and says we’ve got a shot, but need to get to head honcho Demint.  In Charleston I heard that the I am American crew has gotten a commitment from retiring Sen. Coburn to do a function in Oklahoma.  If true, this means we can use him to make a run at Demint.  A ten second Coburn-Demint google revealed that the two of them worked hand in glove on eliminating earmarks when Demint was still in the Senate.  They were tight, and Demint would listen to Coburn.  Stern will try to talk to some of Coburn’s staff about all this.  If Coburn is doing an event for us, I’m tempted to fly to Oklahoma just for a chance to make a personal pitch to him.  I doubt very much he has any clue about the Task Force or where we’re at.

Supposedly the Republican State Leadership Foundation has $20 million to spend on state legislative races.  The way it looks, to me, is that we need to pick up Kentucky and at least one other state — Maine, Washington, Oregon, or, least likely, West Virginia.  We need to do all we can to get those guys to concentrate on those targets.  They claim an Article V BBA is their top concern, so they should listen.  I feel real good about Kentucky, where we already have the Senate, and need only 5 pickups in a 99 seat House.  Rand Paul wants to run simultaneously for reelection to the Senate and for the Presidency in  2016, and he needs the KY legislature to pass a law to let him do it.  So he’s working on it.  If we can’t pick up KY and at least one other state, my whole theory of a 2014 wave goes up in smoke, and I’m n ot sure we pull this off.

Herman Cain turned out to be a pretty good guy.  I got a chance to make the pitch to him about the political implications for 2016 of a successful Article V effort.  He says he’s totally on board, and claims to have 5 million listeners to his talk show, which he will use to spread the word.  I hear he’s pretty big in North Carolina, which just went into session.  Last year the House passed a bill rescinding all previous Article V resolutions.  We don’t think we’ll have too much trouble killing it in the Senate, but will ask Herman to rile up his NC audience if need be.  Our first step is to sick the NFIB guy in NC on the case, and see what he says.

When he was running for President in 1979 CA Gov. Jerry Brown endorsed an Article V BBA.  What this means I haven’t figured out — probably nothing.  But it would be interesting to get a reporter to ask him about it now.

The right is resurgent around the English-speaking world.  Australia, Canada, and now — most exciting of all– INDIA!  Even sclerotic Olde England is showing signs of life, with the rise of UKIP.  If this is a trend, then —————

we get the wave.

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