A Republican cave on immigration is the only thing on the horizon capable of killing the wave of 2014.  The argument for caving is pathetically stupid.  The Republicans need Hispanics to win, so we give them what they want.


A lot of American Hispanics (the only ones we should care about) don’t want more illegals — they’ve shown it at the polls, in Arizona.  A lot of American Hispanics, increasingly, identify themselves as white.  And there are enough whites in this country to win elections for a long, long time.  Look at Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Georgia — all solid red states with huge numbers of blacks.  Why?  Because down there the Democrats are seen as the party of blacks — so where’s a white got to go?  This meme is moving north, into Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia.  It will keep spreading, as long as the Democrats seem committed to driving working and lower middle class whites out of their party.  Affirmative action, in all its manifestations, is a core value of Democrats, and they practically shove it down lower class whites’ throats.  They don’t really like these people, clinging to their guns and Bibles.  There are enough of them to win a lot of elections for a long time.

This is so effin’ obvious, the reason nobody talks about it is …………………….


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