Spoke today with Sen. Fred Emerich, ALEC co-chair of Wyoming.  He’s concerned about a runaway, but reasonable.  He’s the kind of guy that Natelson, or even I, could bring around.  He’s a college buddy of Appropriations Chair Eli Bebout, who we’re targeting as our sponsor.  Bebout is set to move up to Senate Majority Leader, and Emerich says he would bring people around if he’s the sponsor.  Emerich was friendly, encouraging me to go ahead and make the cold call to Bebout.

Natelson only lives 100 miles or so from Cheyenne, so he’ll have no problem making an appearance when the session starts.  I’m betting he hits it out of the park.  He doesn’t want to testify at committee hearings, since he feels minds are already made up.  I’ll see if the Wyoming Liberty Group would sponsor a round table discussion, seminar — maybe even a debate.

Wyoming’s legislature has a forty day session in odd years, when substantive matters are dealt with.  A 20 day session in even years dealing only with budgetary issues, unless 2/3 vote to take up substance.  So here’s the backup plan if we don’t get Wyoming in 2015.  We have the Republican Governor call a special session, to convene immediately after the regular 2016 session adjourns.  That way there’s no real added expense, and we don’t need 2/3.  If we’re at 32 or 33 I think we get a special session.  This plan is not available in Montana, which has a Democratic Governor.  So Montana remains the must get state of 2015.

People are saying the Amazing Democratic Turnout Machine will rescue the D’s from that big wave we see coming.  But turnout never beats a wave.

Kobani looks like it won’t fall, thank God.  That would have been ugly.  Just a hunch, but I think the White House realized that the fall of Kobani would have been a huge political hit on Obama.  So they told the Pentagon to do what was necessary.  For once, political calculation does some actual good.

Once the World Series is over, no later than Wednesday the 29th, the undecided will decide.  If there are more cases of Ebola, it would turn into a rout.  Barring that, for the life of me I can’t think of anything that changes in the next two weeks.

And if nothing changes the wave roars.

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