In my American Thinker piece I stated that Amendment Conventions were not subject to “external controls.”  Rob Natelson points out that the States are external to the Convention but can “control” it through control of their delegations, that Congress could refuse to specify a mode of ratification for an ultra vires Amendment, and that the Courts might declare an ultra vires Amendment void.  Rob’s correct, of course.  My language was imprecise.  Next time I’ll see if Rob can review my stuff before I send it out for publication, at least on legal issues.

Lou Marin says there’s a better chance of him getting hit by lightning than moving Sen. Biggs.  Well, lightning strikes about 600 people a year, so there’s hope.

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore is #17, and on Special Report yesterday disqualified himself by calling for a Middle East NATO.  Craziest idea yet.  American soldiers are going to die defending the borders of Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt?  Crazy isn’t strong enough.

For the moment the polls separate the field into three groups  — the Big Three, the Middle Six, and the Rest.  Trump, Walker and Bush are in the lead.  Trump is not a serious candidate.  Bush is going nowhere but down.  So Scott Walker, as of today, is the man to beat.  The Middle Six (Rubio, Huckabee, Carson, Paul, Cruz and Kasich) contains three sure losers, Huckabee, Carson and Cruz.  I include Cruz because people don’t like a smart ass.  Paul’s star seems to be fading.  He won’t kiss up to donors  — he’s not all in.  I think he’s running, in part, because of Daddy issues, just like Romney was.  When he decided to hang on to his Senate seat it was a tell.  His heart’s not in it.

If you count Paul and the Rest out, as I think is reasonable, it gets down to Walker, Kasich and Rubio.  I like Kasich, but any of these would be fine.

The debate to watch is Democratic.  Sometime in August or September the DNC will have the first debate in Iowa.  That will be a kick.  Lincoln Chafee was in the Senate with Hillary when she voted for the Iraq war.  He knows it was a politically calculated vote, and it really pisses him off.  He looks kind of goofy, but I think he’s got balls, like his war hero dad.  I’m betting he goes after her on that vote, as he should.  Bernie Sanders also carries a set, and all the people who turn out for his rallies want him to separate himself from Hillary.  The big question that begs to be asked is the Clinton Foundation corruption.  The moderator has to ask that one.

If esprit d’corps is worth anything the Task Force seems to be going strong.  Everyone is happy with San Diego, and ready to get back to work.  Loren Enns deserves recognition for his work in getting prepared in our target states.

In an ideal world, when the filing deadlines for running for the state legislature in 2016 start up, every legislative candidate, of any party, who files for office should get a letter explaining Article V, and their responsibility under it if elected.  The trick is to get them to read and understand it.  When I filed for the State Senate in 1982 I’d never heard of Article V.  I read everything people sent to my campaign (not much) and I would have read an explanation of Article V with great interest.  You want the letter to arrive right after the filing deadline, so that it will be one of the first such letters they get.  This is what the Bradley Foundation should do with all their money.

Sometimes I ask myself, If you’re so smart, how come you don’t have any money?

I never have an answer.

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