Back from over the red line

I’ve really spent my time on nothing but politics, but those days are over.  Cruz in a landslide, and we get our country back.  And the First Article V Convention in American history.  All those people, all across this entire country, hundreds, thousands, millions, who made this happen, can be pretty damn proud of themselves.

I quit working or even thinking about Article V in 1989, when my friend Robin Taylor and I introduced HJR 54, calling for an Article V Convention for the purpose of proposing an amendment to limit Congressional terms.

I saw great possibilities in Article V.  I wasn’t that interested in a balanced budget  amendment.  Those snakes in Congress would find a way around that.  What I wanted to do was get rid of Ted Stevens so I could get back to Washington to kick some butt.  I was really pissed off at those guys, and I wanted them to hear about it from me.

You see these Congressional term limit advocates were trying the wrong method.  They were relying on an uncertain ruling from the Supreme Court, and Kennedy was the swing vote.  If he went the wrong way, all their work would be for naught.

They were thinking Kennedy was a Supreme Court Justice interpreting the law, but he wasn’t.  He was the swing vote, in this case, to defend Washington from the mob. An  attack on Congress was an attack on the federal government itself, and Kennedy would not allow that to succeed.  And neither would that great and good man Antonin Scalia, and accounts for his hostility to Article V.

There’s only one way to attack the federal government, the tool that was designed for it — Article V.  It’s an all purpose tool.  I immediately spotted it as a way to get rid of Ted Stevens and get back to Washington.

So I go back  to Florida to some conference, ALEC they called themselves, where Lew was putting on a presentation on the Article V BBA.  They let me have ten minutes or so to make my case, and I thought I put on a pretty good show.  The thief Tim Kelly was there, I remember that.

At some function later Lew introduced me to his amazing wife, and we started talking about it, and he said he thought maybe I was right.  Looking back on it.

It’s been a long road.  And I never did get Ted Stevens.

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