Putting him out of his misery

Trump not only won’t get to 1237, Cruz will wind up with more delegates than he does.  That won’t be apparent for a while.  As long as Trump keeps his cool, I’ll give him Rhode Island, Connecticut, most of  Maryland, Delaware, , and 2/3 of New York.   But Cruz gets the lion’s share of Pennsylvania, and the remaining calendar favors Cruz, in  my book.

If he’s still standing, June 7th is the Moron’s date with doom.  Cruz will get all 29 in South Dakota, all 27 in Montana, and 2/3 of New Mexico’s 24.  They add up to a lot more than New Jersey’s 51.

If it comes to that, the decisive blow will be struck in the Six States of California.  The State of Central California, in which I live, has six Congressional Districts, and Jefferson the northernmost part of California, only two, as does South California.  But that’s 30 delegates, all of which should go to Cruz.

Most of California’s population is in the other three States:  Silicon Valley, North California, and West California.  And each Congressional District has its own peculiar mix of political cultures.  Take District 12, Nancy Pelosi’s district.  Very few Republicans.  But based on my own personal experience, I don’t think these San Francisco Republicans are inclined toward misogyny, and thus will find Trump unappealing.

It’s a big, complicated State, and to compete in each Congressional District you approach the voter in somewhat different ways.  Few People really understand all the ins and outs of California politics.  I’m not one of them.  But I do know something about the politics of Central California, and hope to be able to put it to use.

Take a look at Cruz’s California Campaign website.  They are totally organized.  These people have prepared for this, and they’re ready.  And they’re smart.

And Trump, what’s he got?  He’s got nothing, nothing but a loud mouth that people in this part of America don’t like.  Good luck with that.

I guess he’s got a rally in Wisconsin tomorrow.  He and his cultists need to get together to charge each other up.

But he’s starting to take on water, and the rats are getting nervous.

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