This land is your land

That’s what Ted Cruz told the Republican delegates in Casper today.  Or, more precisely, he said, “As President I will lead the effort to return the federal land in the West to the States, and the people.”  It got him a standing ovation and all fourteen of the national delegates up for a vote.

Trump was back In New York, explaining on Fox and Friends that his frugality and high moral standards led him not to compete in Wyoming.  He would have had to spend millions, he said, in thinly disguised  bribes of dinners and hotel rooms.  Those Republicans who met in Casper today were all bought and paid for, and the Donald won’t play that game.

He says this stuff with a straight face.  I’ll make a prediction.  These accusations of bribery by Cruz, and the alleged corruption of the Republican Party of Wyoming ,will never make it into the MSM.  It makes Trump look like a whining idiot and a loser, and they can’t have that.  He’s the only shot they’ve got at avoiding a disaster in November, and he must be protected.  These people in the media make me ill, with their pretensions of impartiality.  More and more Americans are on to them, and they, like many of the institutions of the Left (such as most Universities) , are in a slow death spiral.  They’re obsolete, and will wither.  But still today they matter  —  far too  much, I’m afraid.

And then there are the nitwits among them, the latest of which is  one Stephen Ohlemacher of AP.  He’s got a piece out showing how the Donald gets to 1237.  He gives him Indiana, 45-12, which he does not explain.  That’s just what has to happen, so it does.  And then, on June 7th, although he cleverly doesn’t directly say so, he gives Trump Montana and South Dakota and their 56 delegates.

Let me explain something to the esteemed Mr. Ohlemacher.  Montana and western South Dakota are part of the Far West, where Trump has had his ass kicked.  And eastern South Dakota is like its neighbors Minnesota and Iowa, not exactly Trump country, based on the caucuses.  South Dakota and Montana adjoin, and are surrounded by Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska and North Dakota, as well as Minnesota and Iowa.  Look at those states, and how well Trump has done in them.  I hate to say this but old Ohlemacher looks like he’s back on the sauce.

I still think I have a chance at going back to  Cleveland, although some of Roger Stone’s statements made me think I might be taking  my life in my hands.  I won’t have a gun with me, and I’m 70 years old, or else I wouldn’t worry about it.  But I’m not quite as concerned about my safety after today.  The “Days of Rage” that I was promised were  supposed to begin today in Denver, at a big protest rally against the Republican Party of Colorado.  We were assured that there was so much rage about the way Trump was cheated that a huge and angry throng would assemble.  Well, not exactly.  Between a hundred and two hundred.  Oh, well, never mind.

The statement on federal lands made by Cruz to the State Convention in Casper, and the reaction he got to it, was very important to me.  I loved the standing ovation the most.  This is an affirmation of what I’ve been saying for months.  These people, in that room, represent the people of the State of Wyoming.  There aren’t enough Democrats to matter.  And they want their land, just like the people of Alaska want their land, and all the people of the Far West want theirs.  And the next President of the United States just told us he’s going to lead the fight for us to get it.

Politically, this is a once in a century opportunity for the Far West.   We’ll put it in the platform in Cleveland, and begin a national discussion in the perfect political environment.  It’s Sagebrush II, but at a time far more auspicious for our cause.

I’m going to have a beer, and hoist it up for my old Uncle Fritz.

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