Thanks to Bush we have Trump

Bush 1 squandered the Reagan Revolution.  He really didn’t  believe in it, or in Reagan (who was so ignorant he practiced voodoo).   Bush 2 pissed away what his father didn’t get around to.  In eight years he destroyed the Republican brand.  He was such a nincompoop he paved the way for the disastrous Obama.  He was profligate and weak, just like Daddy.

But the Bushes weren’t done yet with their destruction of the Republican Party.  Bush 3 ran the worst Presidential campaign in memory, and in the process helped cripple the brightest star in the party  — Marco Rubio.   He wouldn’t say a peep about Trump.  Say this about the Bushes.  They’re consistent.  And the three of them, sequentially, have brought the Party to the point where it will have to be saved by the very people they despise  — the conservatives who are the real Republican Party.

These are the people who will be delegates to the State and National Conventions.  They’ve been involved in the Party for some time, or they wouldn’t be there.  These are not, by and large, Chamber of Commerce types.  There are some country club Republicans, but not that many.   Most of them will tell you they’re conservatives first, and Republicans second.  They’re involved in politics because they believe in things like the Constitution and free enterprise and upholding honorable American traditions such as the family and the military.  They’re idealists.

They have heroes, who they admire for the courage they showed in fighting for and creating this country.  They like to think they have some of those same traits themselves.  It looks like they may be the ones who will stop Trump.  If so, it will  be something to tell their grandkids about.

I don’t see him getting to 1237, and at that point these people have to hold firm.  I believe they will, because of who they are.  They’re true believers, and they won’t move.

If Trump were to get the nomination Hillary wins the general.  At least she’s not a nut.  And I don’t think this country survives as a Constitutional Republic  if she’s elected.  We lose the Supreme Court, and the last vestiges of the Constitution.  It’s over, and let’s not talk about the tsunami of debt that’s just over the horizon.  This country would be headed for a major Depression.

Those are the stakes in this nomination fight.  Because Trump can never beat Hillary.  The media would do to him exactly what they did to Nixon  — destroy him.  They can’t wait.

Indiana is not an interesting state.  It’s surrounded by Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois, in the middle of the Middle West.  It should go for  Cruz.  I’ll  bet a lot of conservatives from its neighboring states will try to help out.  I know I would.

Never before, and perhaps never again, has Indiana been this important.  For some odd reason, it seems appropriate this year.  No one knows where the word “Hoosier” comes from.  But they’re proud of being Hoosiers, even if nobody knows what it means.

Is this a great country, or what?

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