The Paula Jones Story

In 1991 she was working as a temp, at a booth that was set up in the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas.  She was 25 and single, and when the Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, came by and chatted with her for a little while she was flattered.  Later that day an Arkansas State Trooper came by to tell her the Governor wanted her to visit him in his hotel room.  She didn’t know what to think, and agreed to go with the Trooper to Clinton’s hotel room.

The Trooper stayed outside as Governor Clinton invited her in.  He then pulled down his trousers, exposing himself, and asked her for oral sex.  She was amazed and horrified, and got out of that room as fast as she could.  She told some friends and family about what happened, and they were all disgusted with him, but there really wasn’t anything she could do about it.  It would be her word against the Governor, and she wouldn’t have a chance.

In 1994, after Clinton had been elected President, she saw an article in the American Spectator magazine by David Brock.  It mentioned her by my name, Paula, and it implied that she was a willing sex partner with Clinton.  That was a lie, and she decided that the true story of what happened should be made public, and that she should file a lawsuit for sexual harassment.  She wasn’t able to get a lawyer until two days before the Statute of Limitations would have barred her suit.

Clinton’s lawyers claimed he couldn’t be sued, as President, for something he’d done before he was elected, and this delayed things for three years.  Then in 1997 the United States Supreme Court ruled unanimously in her favor, and in the process of legal discovery the whole story of Monica Lewinsky and the blue dress with the stain on it came out.

In 1998 the trial judge, Susan Webber Wright, dismissed the case on technical legal grounds, but her lawyers were confident her decision would be overturned on appeal.  By this time it was time to put all this behind her, and she agreed to settle the case for $850,000, the entire amount of her claim.  Later Judge Wright ruled that she would only get $200,000, with the rest going to her lawyers.

A year later Judge Wright found Clinton in contempt of court for misleading testimony, and ordered him to pay her lawyers another $90,000.  Wright then referred Clinton’s conduct to the Arkansas Bar Association, and the day before he left office he agreed to settlement which stripped him of his law license for five years and made him pay a fine.

From the day she filed that lawsuit in 1994 until today she has been subjected to ridicule and scorn by the entire Clinton political machine, up to and including Hillary Clinton herself.  She was a bimbo, and her case was a bimbo eruption.  A bimbo was any woman Bill Clinton had approached in his long career as a sexual predator, and an eruption is when one of them went public.  There a lot of “bimbos” like Paula, and putting down eruptions was one of Hillary’s principal campaign duties.

James Carville, a close friend of both the Clintons,  called Paula, and women like her, trailer trash.  He said all you needed to do was go to a trailer park, and show $100 around, and you can find yourself a Paula Jones.  But that is all a lie.  She never did anything wrong, she’s not a bimbo, and she’s not trash.  She was a young woman who a powerful older man tried to take advantage of.  But she refused.  She didn’t deserve to be treated the way she was, not just by Bill Clinton, but by his wife as well.

I think it’s fair to say Bill Clinton was a serial sexual predator, and Hillary Clinton was his enabler in chief.  She tries to destroy innocent women in order to protect him, and her own position as the wife of a powerful man.  What does this have to do with this election?  As much, or maybe more, than some South American beauty queen.  That’s up to you to decide.

Her name is Paula Jones, and this is her story.

Fritz Pettyjohn is a former Alaska State Senator who blogs daily at

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