Admiral James Stockdale, 1992: “Who am I? Why am I here?”

An American hero, Admiral Stockdale will be remembered as a dope.  As Perot’s V. P. pick in 1992, he opened a nationally televised debate with these rhetorical questions.  And he never got around to answering them.

In Shattered we learn that Hillary had the same questions about herself, and wanted her campaign staff to provide the answers.  They were unable to do so, and she blames their failure for her loss.  But where was her husband of forty years, a political genius and the winner of two Presidential elections?   Why couldn’t he come up with the answers?

I don’t think it’s that complicated.  She was running for Obama’s third term, but she couldn’t say it.  She was, at the same time, running for Bill’s third term, and she couldn’t say that.  She was the consensus choice of the Democratic Party establishment, but she couldn’t say that, either.

As for a platform, she didn’t have one because the Democratic Party doesn’t have one, other than the defense of the welfare state and its ruling class.  But they can’t say that.

Bernie Sanders had something to say, but he’s not a Democrat, he’s a socialist.  Which is where the Democratic Party is heading, an acknowledgement that it wants a more socialist society.  Like Europe, with its enormous taxes, and smothering government.   Nationalizing health care is just the start.  Socialism has never sold in this country, and I doubt it sells today, but we’ll see.  It’s Bernie’s party now, and that’s his prescription.

But as long as Trump is around, the Democrats don’t need a platform.  As long as they’re against Trump, the whole party is united.  2018 could be a good year for the Democrats.  They might even get close to winning the House, and they would almost certainly pick up State Legislative chambers, such as the Colorado Senate.  If that happened Soros and crew would be pursuing an Article V rescission Resolution from opening day.   Based on their success in New Mexico and Nevada, we would be hard pressed to stop them.  So as far as Article V goes, it’s 2018 or Bust.

Dave Biddulph highly recommends Rep. Ken Buck’s “Drain the Swamp”.    Rep. Buck says the only way to fix Washington is to use Article V, starting with a Balanced Budget Amendment, and then term limits.  Welcome aboard, Congressman.  We’ll be asking for your help.

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