An election to dream about

It’s entirely possible that two years from now the elections of 2020 will look like a Republican blowout.  Think of the possibilities, if:

  1.  The Korean peninsula is denuclearized.

2. The ayatollahs are under siege in Iran, and an Iranian political revolution is underway.

3.  Justice Kennedy’s replacement on the Supreme Court is the fifth vote to overturn Roe. V. Wade.

4.  The economy is roaring along with 3.5% growth.

5.  The Democratic Party becomes totally unhinged, and nominates another George McGovern.

6.  Trump and Putin meet, and establish a Russian/American detente.

7.  Our trade deficits with China and the rest of the world are reduced dramatically.  A revival  of American manufacturing is underway

8.  Etc.

It could be a monster of an election for the Republicans, winning them control of the New Mexico, Nevada, Maine, and  Washington state legislatures.  At that point, it’s possible to get to 34 for an Article V Balanced Budget Amendment.

It would be an alignment of the stars that is seldom seen in American history.  As currently written, that’s what’s needed for Article V.

And maybe, just maybe, that’s what we’re going to get.


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