The hatred that makes us blind

I know whereof I speak, since my blinding hatred of Bill Clinton mad me think he wouldn’t be reelected.  By 1996, people had caught on to the fact that the phony bastard was a sexual predator.  Not just in the past.  Now, in the White House.  How could the American people accept that behavior in a President?   I actually thought the wooden Indian, Bob Dole, had a shot.  I was blind.

So when I hear people hating on Trump, I know exactly how they feel.  It blinds them to his strengths.  Right now this country is doing very well, and Trump can take the credit.  To root against Trump, you’ve got to root against America, and that doesn’t work.

Democrats know this, so Trump, personally, must be demonized.  It’s their only shot in a strong economy.  Most people would be injured by the onslaught of attacks suffered by Trump.  But he’s a different breed, a throwback, a big German brawler from Queens, and since they don’t destroy him, they only make him stronger.


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